Welcome! I’m Renee Louise, from Michigan, United States! I have always enjoyed explorMeing 2D and 3D art mediums, in school I painted and did ceramics. There I discovered a passion in clay, as I could lose myself working with my hands bringing my ideas to life. Once out of school, however, the lack of access to a kiln forced me to search for a new way to continue to create. Back in 2011, browsing Pinterest for DIY ideas, I discovered polymer clay.

Polymer clay is an amazing medium that allows me to work with my hands and create beautiful pieces of jewelry to wear, all of which can cure in an oven. I started making pieces for myself and my friends until I decided to up my game. Early in 2015, I invested in some tools that helped improve the quality of my work, this was mostly the work of a pasta machine but with that allowing me to mix colors and condition the clay faster I was able to create more pieces and improve on my skills. With the additional tools and inspiration I began to make quite a bit of jewelry, and decided to start selling.

I started going to shows in November 2015 and am loving it so far! Not only has doing shows prompted me to create more pieces and diversify my stock they have been great learning experiences, and it’s nice to see that people like my hand crafted creations, hopefully you do too!

Take a look at my galleries for pictures of my necklaces, earrings and other creations! I also blog about the process for certain creations, and post various tutorials, so check it out!