So If any of you have seen pictures of my jewelry you might notice that I use stamps to make my resin pendants and earrings. Now stamps can be rather expensive, so I have my go-to polymer clay texture flexible stamps, and tend to avoid the wooden backed stamps sold at craft stores. So about a week ago I saw this post on Facebook about a garage sale just north of where I live, this women apparently had over 1000 stamps and other scrap-booking supplies at said garage sale.

So I was all over that! I swung by after work and she was not kidding. She had two 8 foot tables, completely covered in stamps, it was awesome. So I dug through and picked out about 50 stamps! I spent a lot of time looking at each stamp because with polymer clay, I need a nice deep stamp with a good pattern. I probably could’ve found another 50 that would’ve worked, and for $1 a piece, it was hard to resist. But after 50 I figured that was probably a good enough start.  I also got some alcohol inks and really nice stencils. Overall it was a great haul! I can’t wait to make some jewelry with these stamps!