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I had my first craft show yesterday! I went to the Western Academic Craft Fair in Parma, MI. A friend of mine was nice enough to come with me and help me set up and sit with me through the day. It was really nice because that way we both also got to walk around the fair a bit. I was set up in the hallway which got a lot of traffic, because everyone had to walk through to get to the gym and cafeteria. However because I was at the beginning, a lot of people wanted to see everything before they bought anything, so I didn’t get much business until the end of the day when people started heading out. I did get a lot of compliments on my jewelry though which was nice. But I did make my money back and then a little more then that so overall I thought it was a good day. It was a big learning experience and I look forward to doing more in the future!


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Crafting Helper

So this is a bit delayed, but a couple of weeks ago my Mom came to visit for the weekend and we went to work! She wanted to help me make some jewelry so I have enough stuff for my first craft/art show (Nov 14!!). One of my favorite pieces to make are the resin pendants. So I dug out my stamps and mica powders and we had a great time making the clay bases to these pendants. By the time she headed home there were over 50! Which is awesome. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been putting the resin on top and adhering the bails to the backs.

Check out some of the stuff we did below! This is only a sample of what we got done. But it was a blast hanging out with my Mom and making jewelry together!

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Owl Cake Topper

Hey there! So my sister is planning a baby shower for one of her friends, and she made her a diaper cake, you know, a three tiered cake shaped thing made out of rolled up diapers. I admit I had some momentary confusion when she called me and asked me to make her a cake topper, when she said she made a diaper cake I pictured a diaper shaped cake, which is an odd choice for a baby shower, why not make a baby foot shaped cake with the color of the gender?

Anywho, once she explained what exactly a diaper cake was I was on board! The theme of the party was Owl, with two colors of purple and two teal’s, so I was to make an owl about 3″ in diameter out of these colors. Thus the project began!

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Candle Holders

While at Michaels I swung by there as is section. There I found a 16 pack of small candle holders, two were missing, which is why it was only $2.25! Fourteen glass candle holders for less than 3 bucks, count me in! I’ve been wanting to do more then just jewelry, especially with the holidays (and ARTitude) coming up, I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to shake things up.

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Guys! Great news! I got accepted into ARTitude! It’s this awesome pop up shop that runs from November 19th to December 31 in downtown Jackson. It features a variety of artists. Since I’m still getting started I didn’t want to do the whole time, so I just applied for two days, and got in!

I’ll have a table set up instead of the vendor booths which I think is just the right size for me. I’m super excited and have been making jewelry like crazy. I’m also planning on making some non jewelry items, like candle holders and coasters. I’ll post a couple of pictures tomorrow of what I worked on this weekend.

More good news, my package was finally delivered, after 13 days. No idea where it went for a week or why it sat in Baltimore for 3 days without being sent off the rest of the way. But at least it got delivered without being damaged. But I think it’s safe to say that next time I’ll be using a different service.

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USPS Frustration

Just gotta let off some steam here guys. So if you saw on my ‘Find Me’ page, my jewelry is going to be sold at RiverArts in Chestertown, Maryland. And it will be, eventually, whenever USPS decides to deliver the package I send almost two weeks ago.

So here’s the story. I sent a package of my jewelry out on Friday, September 4th, using first class mail, which has an estimated delivery date of 1-3 business days.

Well so far it all looks good, I get an update on tracking on Saturday morning, saying it’s left Detroit, MI. So I’m over here thinking it’s on track. Well I don’t get any updates the next couple of days, which I was expecting, considering the following Monday was Labor Day, and the postal service is closed then.

However, Tuesday rolls around with no updates either, then Wednesday, then Thursday. At this point I submit an inquiry to the USPS website costumer service asking why my package hasn’t been delivered, or even updated via tracking.

I receive… silence, got one of those automatic ‘we’ve received your message’ emails, but Friday and Saturday pass with nothing. At this point I am starting to freak out, so much time was spent into those pieces, are they lost forever? I’ve never had any problems with USPS so I have nothing to work off of here.

Well finally the clouds part and the sun shines through, on Sunday night, I just a tracking update! My package is in Baltimore! How exciting, it’s almost there! I’m thinking it’ll probably arrive the next day, on the 14th, a rather depressing 9 business days post sending, but still, it’s not lost!  I’m relieved.

Well, it’s not delivered Monday, nor Tuesday, I finally get a response today about my inquiry, just telling me that my package is in Baltimore, gee thanks, kind of late are we. What about my other questions, like, why did this happen? A holiday delay is not a week, and this is ridiculous. I called up the women who responded to my inquiry, and while she was very apologetic and nice, she was useless. She was unable to provide any information of use to me, she wasn’t even able to give me how long it typically takes to go from Baltimore to Chestertown, or the path it usually takes, like if there were any more checkpoints or if mine was out for delivery. The best guess they could give me is it’ll be delivered tomorrow, on Wednesday, but even that was only a best estimate.

If you’re keeping track, this means it took three days to go from Baltimore to Chestertown, which is about an hour and a half drive. Three days is also how long they told it would take to get from my town in Michigan to Chestertown, Maryland. So last I checked that doesn’t add up, it should’ve taken a day, a day a a half maybe, to go from Baltimore to Chestertown, this is honestly just ridiculous. I have no idea if it’ll get there tomorrow, or even what condition it will arrive in, because it was basically missing for a week, I’m just hoping nothing is damaged.

Basically, this fiasco has significantly lowered my opinion of USPS. I guess it’s back to UPS for me.

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Mini Flower Pendant Tutorial

Hello! So over Labor Day weekend I was playing around with creating a pendant covered with flowers and ended up with this:

Mini Flower Pendant

While I love how it turned out I made a couple mistakes that I wasn’t all that thrilled with. So I took another crack at it and took pictures of the process. So read on for a picture tutorial on how to make a flower pendant.

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Welcome to Simply Renee Louise! A home for fun and unique polymer clay jewelry.

I’m Renee Louise and I have been working with polymer clay for several years, but just recently decided to start selling my pieces, for more about me check out the About page. On this site you can find photos of some of my pieces in the gallery, contact me with comments or questions, find me on social media, or check out my blog. There I’ll be posting my recent projects, tutorials of some techniques, and tips and tricks on working with polymer clay.

At this moment I’m still working on the website, but check back soon for more updates!


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