While at Michaels I swung by there as is section. There I found a 16 pack of small candle holders, two were missing, which is why it was only $2.25! Fourteen glass candle holders for less than 3 bucks, count me in! I’ve been wanting to do more then just jewelry, especially with the holidays (and ARTitude) coming up, I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to shake things up.

So far I’ve only made three of the fourteen, but I’ve been using different techniques and mica powder to come up with the end results.

IMG_7744 copy

After the clay is formed all I needed was some bake n’ bond by Sculpey to affix it to the glass prior to baking. They look fun right! The ones with holes will cast a really cool shadow with a candle inside! I’m looking forward to covering the rest of the glass containers and seeing what I come up with.

IMG_7745 copy

IMG_7747 copy