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Floating Fairy Gardens

I’ve been making floating fairy gardens, they’ve been so much fun! I’ve been making little fairy houses out of polymer clay, and I got these cool hanging terrarium’s that are being used for air plants. I got some moss and pebbles and ta-da! You’ve got a floating fairy garden, put a couple together and you’ve got a little neighborhood 😀

Fairy Garden Globe copy

IMG_9677 copy

IMG_9654 copy

IMG_9651 copy

IMG_9646 copy

IMG_9595 copy

IMG_9601 copy

IMG_9612 copy

IMG_9626 copy



So If any of you have seen pictures of my jewelry you might notice that I use stamps to make my resin pendants and earrings. Now stamps can be rather expensive, so I have my go-to polymer clay texture flexible stamps, and tend to avoid the wooden backed stamps sold at craft stores. So about a week ago I saw this post on Facebook about a garage sale just north of where I live, this women apparently had over 1000 stamps and other scrap-booking supplies at said garage sale.

So I was all over that! I swung by after work and she was not kidding. She had two 8 foot tables, completely covered in stamps, it was awesome. So I dug through and picked out about 50 stamps! I spent a lot of time looking at each stamp because with polymer clay, I need a nice deep stamp with a good pattern. I probably could’ve found another 50 that would’ve worked, and for $1 a piece, it was hard to resist. But after 50 I figured that was probably a good enough start.  I also got some alcohol inks and really nice stencils. Overall it was a great haul! I can’t wait to make some jewelry with these stamps!


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PVC Pipe Jewelry Stand Tutorial

PVC Pipe Jewelry Stands, Tutorial by Simply Renee Louise. Make all 3 for under $20. Great for displaying jewelry at art shows or at home!

I wanted to make new displays for my steampunk jewelry. I was looking at making pipe stands but man! that can get expensive. So I thought of PVC Pipe, lightweight and cheap, with a can or spray paint I could get the look I wanted without the price. In total this cost me just under $20 for all three stands.

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Detroit Artist to Artist Sales Haul

This past Sunday was the The Detroit Artist Clearance & Artist-to-Artist Sales Event. I was able to stop by and boy was it awesome! It was a basically a garage sale style event for Artists, both to get rid of their old or damaged art and to sell their unused or partially used extra materials. I was interested in going because I thought it would be a good way to get some art materials at discounted prices. And I did! Here’s a picture of everything I left with, and I only spent $25! Read More

Renee Does Steampunk

Hey All! It’s been awhile since I’ve made a blog post. I have been busy with ARTitude, a short term pop up shop with tons of amazing original pieces. Since preview night, I’ve decided to do the entire time, so I’ve been spending my free time there to sell my jewelry. It’s been going well overall, however, I do think the organizers could have done a better job promoting and marketing, as attendance was low, and it seemed like they didn’t get started until the event was halfway over. However it is still in it’s second year, so hopefully next year they’ll be more on top of promoting the event.

However, during this time hanging out at ARTitude, Steampunk Eddie, and I started playing around with clay and clock parts and soon enough Steampunk jewelry started happening. Since then I’ve been having a blast with clay, mica powders, clock parts and gears, making pendants and bracelets. I’m so pleased with how they’ve turned out, these are definitely going to feature heavily in my shows from now on!

Check out some of my new stuff below!

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Crafting Helper

So this is a bit delayed, but a couple of weeks ago my Mom came to visit for the weekend and we went to work! She wanted to help me make some jewelry so I have enough stuff for my first craft/art show (Nov 14!!). One of my favorite pieces to make are the resin pendants. So I dug out my stamps and mica powders and we had a great time making the clay bases to these pendants. By the time she headed home there were over 50! Which is awesome. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been putting the resin on top and adhering the bails to the backs.

Check out some of the stuff we did below! This is only a sample of what we got done. But it was a blast hanging out with my Mom and making jewelry together!

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