This past Sunday was the The Detroit Artist Clearance & Artist-to-Artist Sales Event. I was able to stop by and boy was it awesome! It was a basically a garage sale style event for Artists, both to get rid of their old or damaged art and to sell their unused or partially used extra materials. I was interested in going because I thought it would be a good way to get some art materials at discounted prices. And I did! Here’s a picture of everything I left with, and I only spent $25!

Artist Sale Haul

Here’s the haul:

  • 7 mostly full alcohol inks
  • 1 alcohol ink roller
  • 4 full Perfect Pearl mica powders
  • 16 Basic mostly full acrylic paint tubes
  • 8 more acrylic paints, 4 in small tubes and 4 in the larger craft containers
  • 5 awesome flower stamps
  • 3 giant bags of large poly bags
  • 1 bag of fancy green pull string bags
  • 7 packets of rivets
  • various seed beads
  • some labels
  • 2 packets of press on patterns

Overall the money I saved on these is crazy! Almost all of these were full or mostly full, and to buy them full price would’ve been a lot more! I’m especially excited for the paints, almost wish I had bought all of the Basic tubes, I left about 10 because I wasn’t sure I needed them. However I’ve been doing a lot of work with silkscreening and these paints work great with it! But hopefully someone else was able to take advantage of my hesitance to buy the paint instead. Regardless it was a really great event, lots of great art and materials. I made sure to go right at the beginning and it was definitely the right call, there were so many people there a lot of the things I bought could’ve been gone if I hadn’t gotten there early. Plus they had The Fargin Chef who makes some delicious crab rangoons.