Hey there! So my sister is planning a baby shower for one of her friends, and she made her a diaper cake, you know, a three tiered cake shaped thing made out of rolled up diapers. I admit I had some momentary confusion when she called me and asked me to make her a cake topper, when she said she made a diaper cake I pictured a diaper shaped cake, which is an odd choice for a baby shower, why not make a baby foot shaped cake with the color of the gender?

Anywho, once she explained what exactly a diaper cake was I was on board! The theme of the party was Owl, with two colors of purple and two teal’s, so I was to make an owl about 3″ in diameter out of these colors. Thus the project began!

First, and I didn’t take pictures of this part, I got out my aluminum foil and mashed it up in a ball until it was about 3″ in diameter. I then covered this with blue painters tape, because I was out of masking tape. Then I coated with Sculpey’s Bake n’ Bond and covered with white Premo clay.

Step 1 copy

Next was creating a blend ombre style with the darker teal and purple. I mixed up the colors to match the event’s colors and then blended. After I had a piece long enough to wrap around the main section I did so, using the pure colors to fill in on the top and bottom. This was the result:

Step 2 copy

As you can see he’s a bit uneven, since my foil core was not a perfect circle, this was bound to happen. But it’s nothing to worry about because the next step is to bake, Premo bakes at 275°F for 30 minutes per 1/4 inch. Since I had a foil core my two layers were only around 1/4 inch, so into the oven he went for 30 minutes.

Step 3

After baking, I sanded with 320, 400, 800 and 1000 grid sandpaper. This helped smooth him out and would make my life easier later. Next I cut out templates of the eyes and wings to get the sizing right how I wanted it.

Step 4

Here I have the dark teal cut out, it’s placed on there for reference as I played around with the feather ears. For the feathers I used Sculpey’s leak and petal mold, which provided great uniform feathers. Here I was just testing to see if it looked good, so nothing was stuck down. Since the base was baked already it was easy to test things out without the clays sticking to each other.

Step 5

Since I liked the sizing I took two different sized Kemper Kutters to make the eyes, I then used some liquid sculpey to stick the eyes onto the body to it wouldn’t fall off later. I also used it to start setting the feathers how I wanted them for the ears. You can also see on the side I have added the wings, I did some light texturing with a small ball tipped tool and stuck them on the sides.

Step 6

Step 7

Here’s the final result! I finished applying the feather’s on the top so it was symmetrical, then cut a little triangle out for the beak. Using the light teal again I cut the moon shaped pieces out for the stomach, I also used the light teal to make the back tail feathers, also using the leaf and petal mold. I also added some light purple tubing around the wings to give a bit of a pop.

Overall I really like how this little guy turned out! I don’t do much sculpting so this was a fun project that gave me the opportunity to take a break from jewelry making.