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Renee Does Steampunk

Hey All! It’s been awhile since I’ve made a blog post. I have been busy with ARTitude, a short term pop up shop with tons of amazing original pieces. Since preview night, I’ve decided to do the entire time, so I’ve been spending my free time there to sell my jewelry. It’s been going well overall, however, I┬ádo think the organizers could have done a better job promoting and marketing, as attendance was low, and it seemed like they didn’t get started until the event was halfway over. However it is still in it’s second year, so hopefully next year they’ll be more on top of promoting the event.

However, during this time hanging out at ARTitude, Steampunk Eddie, and I started playing around with clay and clock parts and soon enough Steampunk jewelry started happening. Since then I’ve been having a blast with clay, mica powders, clock parts and gears, making pendants and bracelets. I’m so pleased with how they’ve turned out, these are definitely going to feature heavily in my shows from now on!

Check out some of my new stuff below!

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Crafting Helper

So this is a bit delayed, but a couple of weeks ago my Mom came to visit for the weekend and we went to work! She wanted to help me make some jewelry so I have enough stuff for my first craft/art show (Nov 14!!). One of my favorite pieces to make are the resin pendants. So I dug out my stamps and mica powders and we had a great time making the clay bases to these pendants. By the time she headed home there were over 50! Which is awesome. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been putting the resin on top and adhering the bails to the backs.

Check out some of the stuff we did below! This is only a sample of what we got done. But it was a blast hanging out with my Mom and making jewelry together!

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Mini Flower Pendant Tutorial

Hello! So over Labor Day weekend I was playing around with creating a pendant covered with flowers and ended up with this:

Mini Flower Pendant

While I love how it turned out I made a couple mistakes that I wasn’t all that thrilled with. So I took another crack at it and took pictures of the process. So read on for a picture tutorial on how to make a flower pendant.

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