Just wanted to pop in quick and show what I worked on this past weekend. I’ve been seeing a lot of resin work with polymer clay and wanted to give it a try. I also made a bunch of tie dye pieces.

So I took out Pearl and Graphite Pearl Premo clays rolled them though my pasta machine  and stamped them.

I then pulled out a variety of Pearl Ex mica powders and rubbed some on the raised portion and baked at 275 °F for 30 minutes.

After it cooled I mixed up my resin and poured some over the pieces, so that they each had enough on to fill the space and create a dome. The trick is to add just enough resin to achieve this dome without it spilling over, I messed this up a few times and it was quite messy and difficult to fix.

However, after letting it harden it was really a great result. The effect is a smooth glass like finish, however the powdered texture below creates a lovely effect. All they need is a bail and the pendants all ready. This is definitely a new favorite of mine, so easy to make if you have the patience for it to harden.



While waiting for the resin to harden, I returned to another favorite technique of mine. Art Masking Fluid and alcohol inks, I’m going to put a tutorial together for this soon but for now I’m just going to show the raw results, after this is baked I’ll coat them with varnish for a nice shine that really makes the alcohol ink pop.

I call this the Tie Dye Technique, because I haven’t seen this really anywhere online, so I had to call it something. Either way I just love how turns out, makes one of a kind jewelry since I draw on the pattern. I’ll post some finished pics when they’re finished.