Hey everyone! I’ve set up my new Dremel FortiFlex 9100 and am loving it! Read on to see my full review of the tool and see if you want to buy one too!

Here’s a picture of it hanging on my wall.

Dremel FortiFlex 9100 Motor and Flex Shaft

I thought I’d give a review now that I’ve been using it for a bit.

On the Foot Pedal: This Dremel has a variable speed foot pedal control, which means I press down the pedal for faster speeds. I’m used to working with a foot pedal from my old dental drill so this was easy to adjust too. However the pedals I’m used to allow you to rest your foot on them and press down at the toe to adjust the speed. This pedal is smaller and more sensitive, and you press down at the heel portion, so over time my foot does start to hurt as I end up sort of hovering it over the pedal and pressing down when needed. I think I found a comfortable spot by resting my foot on the floor and controlling the speed with my toes only, this works however it makes it feel a bit less robust, and makes me feel like I have less control. I”m hoping this is something I’ll get used to over time.

On the Flex Shaft: The flex shaft is nice because it is smaller then holding a hand held dremel like the 4100 however I have smaller hands so it was a bit awkward at first to find a comfortable position. When I hold it like a pen I can’t really hold it for long before my hand starts to cramp, so I basically just wrap my fingers around it like I was holding a bag and that is a lot more comfortable and still allows me good control. The shaft only warms up to about skin temperature after using it for about an hour, so it allows for prolonged use without getting too hot to hold.

On the Motor: The motor is about 6 pounds, it hangs and has a on off button located near the top. Even in the on position the foot pedal has to be pressed before the rotary device starts spinning. After about an hour use the motor felt a bit hot to the touch, but did not reach concerning levels. It almost maintained a certain temperature once it had been in use for awhile. It is very quiet, I was able to comfortably work with music on low without noticing the motor.

One the Bracket: The device comes with an L shaped bracket with 2 dips, one to place the handle of the motor and another smaller notch to place the shaft when not in use. Unfortunately the bracket is only secured with 2 screws to the wall, and if you don’t use the correct screw size can have some wiggle room, for some extra security I added a command strip behind it and it no longer tips to the side.

Overall Assessment: Love it!! It was an expensive investment, at $195.60 (I waited till it went on sale), but very much worth it. I’ve been using it to sand my pieces and I can finish a large pendant through all 6 sanding grits I use in about 15 minutes, which is much faster then doing it by hand. I’m waiting on a bunch of buffing bits I ordered off amazon but I’m anticipating the buffing going much faster and looking better once they arrive. This is definitely a useful tool for the polymer clay artist, and if you’re looking to speed up your process without losing quality this would be the way to go.