I’ve been wanting to sand my pieces with my new Dremel 9100, but they only have up to 220 grit sandpaper, and I sand up to 1000 to get a smooth finish.

So I decided to make my own!



Start with some wet dry sandpaper of the grit of your choice, and some sticky back velcro. I got this 6 set pack for a couple dollars at a hardware store. You also need a Dremel bit like the one shown, it has a small screw that can be removed to add sand paper discs.


So the simple part is to simply cut circles slightly larger then your velcro and stick the ‘scratchy’ side of the velcro to the backs of the sand paper. Don’t forget to mark your sandpaper so you don’t forget what grit is what.



Next take one of the ‘fuzzy’ velcro sides and stick it to a piece of paper, or if you have a lot like I do, a sandpaper Dremel disc. I use the fuzzy side here because when I use velcro the fuzzy side loosens over time, so this way if you need to replace this you have extra, and you don’t have to redo the sandpaper sides until the grit wears down.


Poke or drill a small hole in the middle of the velcro and attach it to your bit using the bit screw as shown above. This allows you to velcro on different grits as needed.



And there you have it! Now you can leave the bit in your drill and just switch out your new sandpaper discs as you move up the grits. There is also the added benefit of hiding the screw between the velcro sides so it will not catch on the piece when you’re sanding.



The velcro keeps the sandpaper disc nice and connected to the bit, I’ve used them for about a week (edit, almost a month now and still holding solid) so far and they haven’t come loose once.



I store my discs in this little container when not in use, it keeps them all in one spot because I would totally lose them on my desk otherwise.



And here’s a shot in action, I repeatedly dip my piece in water while sanding, this helps prevent the polymer dust from getting anywhere (including my lungs) and seems to help the sanding as well.

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